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We are able to locate all types of properties for long term rent throughout the Costa del Sol. We have an extensive rental portfolio from modest studio to luxury villa.

All of our properties are available for a minimum 6 month let.

If you are renting a property from Andersen Fox S.L. we will ensure, where possible, that there are no debts against the property. We will also undertake a full inventory where required. All of our rental properties have buildings and contents insurance cover.

For our Landlords we request references from all tenants and will take a minimum deposit of one months rent in advance and one months security deposit.

We comply with the Spanish Rental Law 29/1994 (November), Letting of a Dwelling (LAU) and Decreto 218. Please note that new legislation covering long term rental properties affecting both tenant and Landlord alike came into effect from May, 2013. Please click on "Contact Us" and request details.

To request a copy of our Terms and Conditions for renting a property please click on "Contact Us".

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However, if you contact us we can discuss your needs and wishes further.

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Andersen Fox
Mr Manfredi, Italy

When we first started looking for a property in Spain we registered with many agents including Andersen Fox. However, very early on in the process,we stopped using the other agents and worked exclusively with Andersen Fox, the CEO Mike and his team. We found them to be very professional, efficient, honest and trustworthy. In addition, because they have access to all of the properties for sale in the Costa del Sol, we found there was no need to be dealing with the other agents and this made it easier to have Mike and his team as one point of contact. I am very happy to recommend Mike and his team to anyone who is looking to buy a property on the Costa del Sol.