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Acheter ou louer un bien immobilier en Espagne peut être une tâche intimidante pour ceux qui ne sont pas déjà dans le milieu, ou qui ne sont pas représentés par un avocat expert qualifié.

Andersen Fox S. L. a demandé à un avocat local possédant de nombreuses années d'expérience dans le secteur de l'immobilier d’essayer de répondre à toutes vos questions concernant l'achat, la vente et la location de processus.

S'il vous plaît envoyer vos questions à l'adresse email ci-dessous et l'avocat Raul Suarez promet d'essayer de vous répondre dans les 24 heures. Il s'agit d'un service gratuit, alors pourquoi ne pas en profiter!

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Andersen Fox
Chris and Denise Hanson

We would like to thank everyone (but especially David) at Andersen Fox for their help during our recent purchase in Spain. From beginning to completion, and beyond, they have been extremely attentive and kind. Looking back it is hard to believe, but true, that we went from making first contact to having an offer accepted within two weeks.

David got back to our initial inquiry by email and we arranged to come over to Spain for a viewing. David met up with us as arranged on the Saturday morning and took us to see the property that we had picked out plus three others that he had matched to our brief. It was very exciting and David answered our questions without ever being pushy. We knew within minutes which property we wanted, but we left David on the Saturday afternoon promising to talk things over between ourselves. A quick email was all that was needed to arrange a second viewing on the Monday. We made an offer and David negotiated on our behalf with the vendor. Offer accepted, David introduced us to Raul, our solicitor, who did all the legal work for us.

Our week in Spain concluded with visits to the Notario and a local bank. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Back in England, David kept in touch. Obviously we had to arrange documentation and finance, but things went quickly and smoothly. We completed at the beginning of April and a week later, we arrived in Spain to be met by David with the keys. David told us that we could get in touch with him if we had any questions. Obviously there have been one or two things that we have not known and David has been very approachable and helped us out as he promised. We are delighted with our new home in Spain and very grateful to Andersen Fox, who we recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who is thinking of making the move over here.

Many thanks, Chris and Denise Hanson